How to get a good reputation for your Blog?

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If you are running your blog and it has no reputation in the blogosphere, then it is of no use. A blog with a good reputation is liked by many bloggers.

So, the question is how to maintain a good reputation for your blog?

Does your Blog have a good reputation?

Are you trying to get a good reputation for your Blog?

Then, you should continue reading this post and learn how to increase the reputation of your blog.

How to check the reputation of a Blog?

The word “reputation” means checking how liable and dependable the blog is. And can we trust the information shared through this blog?

Years back Google’s page rank was used to check the reputation of any website or blog, but suddenly page rank was gone. So, Domain authority and Alexa rank have taken the place of Google’s Page Rank.

Now you can use the Moz domain authority checker to check the reputation of your blog along with the Alexa toolbar. I use both, Alexa rank and Domain authority to check the reputation of any blog. To easily check the domain authority of any website or blog I use the Moz toolbar to check DA and PA.

Many Bloggers think that Alexa rank has no value. But many of the webmasters and monetization companies like Bing ads and info links consider Alexa rank to check the reputation of a website or blog.

Steps to increase the reputation for your blog.

These are steps I follow to increase the reputation of my blog.

1. Create proper social Accounts

There are many Social media sites like,, and others. You should create proper social accounts or pages for your blog on them. A good page or a good social account can help you to get a good reputation for your blog that is because the social account can help you get more social engagements. And many bloggers and users judge you from your social accounts or the pages you maintain on social media. The page must include all the information about you and your blog or website. A page on Facebook which is maintained well does not require any paid promotion if your page is good enough people will eventually like your page and follow.

So it is with the other social media accounts. The better you maintain your pages, the more likes you have on social media the search engines consider your blog to be a good and reputed blog.

2. Write for reputed blogs in your niche

Guest blogging is one of the best things to consider if you want to increase the reputation of your blog. I would say for that write for the reputed blogs in your niche. Like the post you are reading is also a guest blog post, I am writing this for Medium which according to me is a reputed blog/website on the internet. Likewise, I have also written on many other reputed blogs in my niche.

Another thing, do not guest blog to make quick links. Guest blogging can be done to reach an audience to attract to your blog. If the owner of the blog is giving you a “Dofollow” or “Nofollow” link, it doesn’t matter because you need traffic and traffic can only help people to reach your blog if you are writing good content on your blog and surely a fantastic post for the guest post.

In short, people must know you because of your writing not because of your links. If your content is good than the reader of that blog will surely want to read more posts from your blog too.

3. Secure your blog

Secure your blog because Google says that. Google has claimed that there will be a bump in the website’s reputation if your website is secure. The use of the SSL certificate has become a compulsion. And also the use of the SSL certificate can help you to increase the domain authority and Alexa rank of your blog.

If your blog or website is secure it will ensure your users that their passwords or other details will not be leaked or hacked by the third party. I know that there is no reason to use SSL on the blog because we are sharing information only and not selling anything. But I will give you a solid reason to secure your blog with SSL, as others will link your blog or website only if according to them your website is unique, secure, and safe to browse.

So, if you want to maintain the reputation for your blog people need to link your blog and that can be done if your blog is secure.

4. Make it Mobile-friendly

The World is changing. Desktop users are switching to mobile devices. Even I try to do all my work from my mobile device. I mean we can send messages, emails, and even make deals on mobile devices. So, if you are in the line of online marketing, running a blog, or website, then your website should be mobile-friendly.

A good blogger uses a responsive theme which makes his blog accessible to all mobile devices including tablets, iPhones, and Android phones. So, I would say that make your blog responsive.

And another thing that Google in the year 2015 launched its AMP project. AMP stands for Accelerated mobile pages; Google appeared up with this project to take the website usages on mobile devices to the next level. Using AMP on your page will make your post and page of your blog super-fast on all the mobile devices. If you are using WordPress, then you just need to install the AMP plugin for your blog, and you are up.

Making the blog mobile-friendly helps you to increase the reputation of your blog because your blog users are going to access your blog at a fast speed and anywhere and at any time with their mobile devices.

5. Make your blog search engine friendly

Search Engine friendly means making your blog fully SEO-optimized. You must follow all the rules set by the search engines to rank on search engine pages. Google is the most used search engine, and we all try to focus on Google and get organic traffic through that only.

So, one should do follow white hat SEO techniques to rank. Although, I will suggest you do Proper On-page SEO for your Blog. There are many websites that guide us to do SEO; you can look for them on Google. I will recommend you to use Proper On-Page SEO tags like Title tag, meta tags, meta description tag, and other related tags.

And if you are using WordPress then you can use Yoast SEO or All in on SEO plugin for SEO guidance.

6. Connect with your fellow bloggers

Make Friends who are bloggers and mainly work in the same niche in which you work. Blogging can’t be done alone; you have to make friends online which can help you and you can assist them in. It has always worked for me. I help my fellow bloggers, and in return, they give me a hand.

You can comment on their blogs, give them a link, write for their blog, and sometimes the fellow bloggers return the favor which turns out to be a good thing for you and eventually increasing the reputation of your blog.

Finally, What I want to say.

Keep the above things in mind and practice them. But if you still have any queries or questions, feel free to ask. I will assist you.



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